Investment fund companies and real estate companies are required to publish information on investment fund measures pursuant to Article 133 Investment Fund Act 2011 (Investmentfondsgesetz; InvFG) and to submit Processing Notifications.


Since late 2012, Austrian management companies have published fund-related actions in accordance with the 2011 Investment Fund Act, which need to be made public. Since late 2015, Austrian real estate companies have been likewise obliged to publish fund measures pursuant to the Real Estate Investment Fund Act (Immobilien-Investmentfondsgesetz; ImmoInvFG).

Currently, the following measures (reporting categories) are submitted:

  • Amendments of fund rules (InvFG 2011)
  • Fund mergers
  • Master feeder structure
  • Fund termination
  • Transfer of management
  • Potentially detrimental conflicts of interest
  • Change in the appropriation of income
  • Conversion of a UCITS into a special fund
  • Information regarding best execution
  • Electronic version of publications pursuant to InvFG 2011
  • Order status
  • Amendments of fund rules (ImmoInvFG)

Who is affected?

Securities account holders with OeKB CSD if the fund measure involves an ISIN they hold in their securities account.

Our Scope of Services:

You as the securities account holder will be informed about the corresponding fund measure. Therefore, we will send you a SWIFT message (MT564) and/or an email.

What does the SWIFT Message about the Fund Measure look like?

We have created a detailed description for you and an example:

MT564 Specification Funds Measures

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