As soon as the payment of income (coupon payment, redemption, dividend payment, distribution from investment funds ...) becomes due for a security, we take care of it. We handle the efficient processing of due payments - for all the securities held with us in our capacity as Issuer CSD.


Issuers have a contractual relationship with a paying agent provided that they do not assume the function of a paying agent themselves. Paying agents are credit institutions with a registered office in the EEA or in Switzerland. You will find further information on the functions of a paying agent here:

Paying Agents

Our scope of services:

Our administrative services involving your security also include the collection of income for securities due. We remind you as soon as the securities become due and debit the amount due from your specified account. 

The costs:

As a CSD we keep our costs transparent. Therefore, all costs are listed in our price list:

Annex 3 Fees, section 6.2

Your way to us:

We are glad to help you find a suitable way towards your solution. Please contact us!

Allocation of Paying Agent/Issuer per Security:

Every security which OeKB CSD keeps and administers itself (as the Issuer CSD), has exactly one agent assigned where OeKB CSD collects income for securities due.
This agent usually is the paying agent as noted on the securities certificate.

Support by OeKB CSD:

OeKB CSD collects

  • in the event of a payment
  • for all securities kept and administered by OeKB CSD itself (in its capacity as Issuer CSD)
  • the cash value of the security due
  • from the paying agent noted on the security
  • on time.


We calculate the amount due

  • based on the information known to us about the respective issue and
  • considering the instructions submitted by securities account holders to collect income for securities due
    • either not or
    • without deduction of the Austrian withholding tax and
  • beeing rounded up to the ninth decimal.

The paying agent cross-checks all information for accuracy. This ensures that the correct amount due will be collected and distributed to the securities account holders.

Reminder of Securities Due:

We send a written reminder to the paying agent about the calculated amount of income due for each respective transaction and include details about how to process payment.

Non-Collection or Partial Collection:

If a payment should not be processed or should be postponed, you can tell us to do so until 10 a.m. on the due date.


Payments due must be provided

  • on the due date
  • by the paying agent
  • by 10:30 a.m. Vienna local time at the latest
  • on the cash account specified by OeKB CSD

to ensure the forwarding to the securities account holders on the same T2S Opening Day (day of operation).

Any questions? Please contact us!

Income Collection for Securities Due Service Center
T +43 1 53127-2080