We support issuers in any aspect concerning the generation of a Global Certificate,  be it a modern Digital Global Certificate (DGC) or a Paper Global Certificate (PGC).

We support issuers in all matters regarding their securities certificates.


You act as an issuer and would like to issue a securities certificate.

Our scope of services:

We provide assistance from the issuing of a securities certificate to its derecognition, including its custody and administration.

The costs:

As a CSD we keep our costs transparent. Therefore, all costs are listed in our price list:

Annex 3 Fees, section 6

Your way to us:

We are glad to help you find the most suitable way towards your solution. Please contact us!

Annex 5.1 Provision Customer Master Data
Annex 5.2 Provision Customer Master Data (Issuers)

Read more about the issuer duties we can perform on your behalf:

We support you in your role as Transfer Agent of the Issuer with generating a Digital Global Certificate (DGC). Credit institutions in possession of a Securities Account with OeKB CSD can - and possibly will -act as their own Transfer Agent. All Transfer Agents are credit institutions with a registered office in the EEA or in Switzerland.

The Issuer Platform enables you to generate Global Certificates. As soon as the payment of income (coupon payment, redemption, dividend payment, distribution from investment funds ...) becomes due for a security, we take care of it. 

We handle the efficient processing of due payments for all securities held with us in our capacity as Issuer CSD. 

The Issuer Platform guides you through all the necessary steps.

We provide templates for power of attorneys to enable Agents to act on behalf of the issuer and to generate Global Certificates using the Issuer Platform. Generic power of attorneys – valid for a class of securities – minimize the paper-based steps considerably.

Please find the respective documents here

Securities Information:

We publish securities information online, which makes it easy for you as an issuer to exchange information with securities account holders of OeKB CSD. This involves the information about securities submitted by issuers to OeKB CSD. This tool also provides updated information on issues, such as public takeover offers or when a minimum acceptance threshold has been reached.

Securities account holder have access to these data when they are logged in.

My OeKB CSD portal for clients

Via our online services

Our scope of services in detail:

The role of Paying Agent  (PA) has to be assigned to any security. Definition of a Paying Agent:
The paying agent is the only agent authorised by the issuer to execute payments for a securities category as ordered in its name and for its account

The PA has to be a credit institution in the EEA or in Switzerland. To be able to fulfill this role you must hold a Dedicated Cash Account (DCA) allowing you to participate in the European T2S system.

If a PA is designated by an issuer or an issuer’s agent, the PA has to confirm the designation. The PA can be changed,  but a written confirmation of the initial PA is needed. Moreover, the PA is only released from its function as soon as the new PA is properly desginated and confirmed.

Our scope of services in detail:

The issue of a Paper Global Certificate (PGC) requires the designation of a Securities Inspector. When issuing a Digital Global Certificate no additional Securities Inspector is required, as the system of roles within the Issuer Platform covers this function. 

The Securities Inspector verifies the authenticity of the security, i.e. if the certificate represents the intention of the issuer, is properly established, can logically be the kind of certificate as stated and is properly and validly signed by the issuer. 

The Securities Inspector has to be a credit institution with a registered office in an EEA member state or an OECD member state and performs the validation and issuance of confirmations of securities when they are taken in custody with regard to authenticity.

The securities inspector has to enter into a contract with OeKB CSD. To this end, it will take part in an assessment process. OeKB CSD’s Securities Inspector Assessment Board will decide whether or not the credit institution will be added to the list of securities inspectors. As an issuer, you are free to choose your Securities Inspector from this list (the Securities Inspector has to agree to be chosen, though). Normally the Securities inspector is also acting as the Paying Agent, but this is not a prerequisite. We gladly provide you with a list of securities inspectors on request.

We support you in depositing your securities certificate with OeKB CSD, be it as a modern, state-of -the-art Digital Global Certificate (DGC) or a Paper Global Certificate (PGC). 

Here you can find more information regarding the onboarding of Issuers respectively their agents, acting on their behalf in the required roles and functions 

Your Access to OeKB CSD

In a first step the Global Certificate’s reference data (REDA) will be recorded by the Transfer Agent (TA) who has been designated by the issuer via a POA 

Note: financial institutions with a securities account with OeKB CSD fulfilling all prerequisites to act as a TA are free to act as their own TA – then no third pary is required.

In the case of a Digital Global Certificate (DGC) the Certificate is created by filling in the REDA and its release by the Transfer Agent (TA), using the respective function within the Issuer Platform environment.

In the case of a Paper Global Certificate (PGC) the next step is the physical deposit in the vault of OeKB CSD. The vault is situated at OeKB CSD’s business location.

We validate each and every securities certificate deposited in the vault and the related terms and conditions according to carefully selected criteria (authenticity).

Authenticity indicates whether the deposited document

  1. corresponds with the will of the issuer
  2. has been properly created and can be that kind of security that is named on the document and
  3. has been duly signed on behalf of the issuer.

We will match the securities certificate data against the master data previously entered into the OeKB CSD online client (Settlement Client).

Our scope of services in detail:

You as an issuer and, if applicable, the paying agent noted on the securities documents in accordance with section 2.2.1 (5) GTC  of OeKB CSD are obliged to give us all information required for the safekeeping and administration of the category of securities. This procedure is described in Annex 9. 

The authorization of an Information Provider for submitting information to us for the safekeeping and administration with regard to General Meetings and Disclosure Requests must be provided by sending a legally binding form signed by the issuer according to Annex 10. 

More information on safekeeping and administration can be found here:

Your Access to OeKB CSD

Our scope of services in detail:

We support you in the withdrawal of a securities certificate. Withdrawals are instructed by the securities account holder of OeKB CSD.

The withdrawal is first submitted via the online client (Settlement Client) of OeKB CSD (= withdrawal instruction). This instruction automatically generates the Counterfoil for Receipt. The securities can only be handed over against presentation of a duly signed Counterfoil for Receipt.

It is important to generate a separate Counterfoil for Receipt for each securities category.

Some securities categories are unavailable for withdrawal from the OeKB CSD vault.

We are publishing the MERCUR gazette on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. MERCUR is Austria's gazette where called securities and similar certificates pursuant to the Invalidation Act (Kraftloserklärungsgesetz; KEG) are published.

Publications made in MERCUR contain the following information:

  • Securities and documents the loss of which needs to be published and the array of which must be announced according to the Invalidation Act (Federal Law Gazette no. 86/1951)
  • Securities and documents the loss of which have been recorded with opposition (notice of loss, blocking notices)
  • The calendar of maturities of securities issues of Austrian issuers, which are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange or are declared by OeKB CSD to be suitable for Collective Clearing Custody.

MERCUR Subscription:

All called Austrian securities are published in MERCUR. The gazette is usually subscribed by security account holders who want to make sure that in their securities trading they do not purchase any called securities.

We offer an annual subscription to the electronic edition of MERCUR. Please find further information about subscription fees in our price list.

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