My OeKB CSD - an exclusive Service for OeKB CSD Clients.

What is My OeKB CSD?

My OeKB CSD is a section on our website that is accessible only to clients of OeKB CSD. Users will get access only after separate authorisation.

Who is My OeKB CSD for?

My OeKB CSD has been designed and created exclusively for clients of OeKB CSD.

What are the benefits of My OeKB CSD?

My OeKB CSD is a service enhancement for clients of OeKB CSD. You will find a variety of client-related information about our services there.

What are the costs of My OeKB CSD?

My OeKB CSD is a free service for OeKB CSD clients.

How do I get access to My OeKB CSD?

My OeKB CSD is a Online Service Client of OeKB CSD. Your institution’s administrator will give you the login authorisations to access My OeKB CSD.

Once you have logged in at our Online Services (single sign-on) you can access My OeKB CSD easily.

You do not need a RSA Key Fob Token to access My OeKB CSD.

You don't have access to the Online Services yet? 

Simply fill out the form and send it signed to the address mentioned by post:

Application Online Services

After we have checked your documents, you will receive feedback from us.

All our mailings at a glance and sorted by topic and date.

Notifications from issuers about securities information details we have received - made available to you.

All information of the User Committee and their meetings.

Up-to-date reports, uploaded quarterly.

Exclusive documents for our clients (e.g. AGC/Wolfsberg/AFME Questionnaires, and more).

Your way to the access:

Any questions? Please contact us!

OeKB CSD Service Center
T +43 1 53127-2100