If you are planning a securities issue, would like to act as a paying agent on behalf of an issuer or would like to be added to the list of securities inspectors, please contact us. We provide guidance along the way and support you with the decades’ worth of experience of our team.

Who we are:

With our many years of experience OeKB CSD excels as your competent and reliable partner in the capital market.

What we are known for:

We offer a tailor-made service range to support Austrian issuers on the capital market in the issuing of securities.

Our aim:

The capital market is a vast terrain.
We help you to get your bearing and find your way so you will arrive safely at your destination.
Harald Seisenbacher
Relationship Management Issuers

Where to find us:

OeKB CSD has its registered office in the heart of Vienna. This is where you will find us:

Where to find us

Any questions? Please contact us!

Relationship Management Issuers Service Center
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