OeKB CSD is headed by a strong management duo and organised into several divisions. Each division contributes significantly to the success of the company.

The growing integration of the post-trade market in Europe requires perfectly tuned services based on international standards via automated interfaces: This is exactly what OeKB CSD offers to participants in the Austrian capital market.
Georg Zinner
Managing Director
Our employees’ long-term experience and expertise are the foundation of our professional and customer-focused services in the capital market.
Peter Felsinger
Managing Director

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

OeKB CSD introduces itself:

A successful compliance management means complying with codes of conduct, laws and guidelines but also future-oriented thinking and a strong corporate culture.
Petra Zettel
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
In cooperation with our IT providers we guarantee a stable, secure IT infrastructure for the services rendered by OeKB CSD. Together with our capital market experts we work to continually improve the services through the use of state-of-the-art technology.
Laura Hauser
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
We manage the risks to make processing on the capital market more secure.
Hubertus Hecht
Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
We support you with T2S in the efficient settlement of securities transactions.
Kurt Kerschbaum
Team Leader Accounts & Settlement
Efficient, on-time and correct processing of income payments and corporate actions on behalf of our customers and for the benefit of a functioning capital market.
Gerhard Frank
Team Leader Asset Servicing
The capital market is a vast terrain. We help you to get your bearing and find your way so you will arrive safely at your destination.
Harald Seisenbacher
Relationship Management Issuers
We consider the relationship with our clients as a partnership and therefore the client is always in the focus of all our actions.
Christian Pinetz
Relationship Management Accounts

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