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  • OeKB will provide true end-to-end digitalization to its client segments in Austria via Montran’s next-generation solutions

Vienna, November 9, 2022 - OeKB CSD, the Austrian Central Securities Depository, and Montran, a leading provider of capital market software, today announced the successfully completed implementation of the OeKB CSD Issuer Platform: a platform for the digital management of securities based on Montran’s core Central Securities Depository (CSD) solution. Both companies celebrated the successful launch with a go-live event in Vienna.

This is a major milestone in the digitalization of custody infrastructure on the Austrian Capital Market, enabled by the recent amendment to the national Depository Regulation. The new platform enables the digital issuance of securities as well as managing the entire lifecycle of securities in a single system. It supports full integration with customer systems to create seamless, paperless,  process. Customers can now benefit from end-to-end digitalization with an increased level of flexibility, speed, and convenience.  Both OeKB CSD and Montran are convinced that this will enable a new dynamic for the Austrian capital market, and will serve as a solid basis for further digitalization and growth.

“This project was truly transformational, not only from the technology point of view, as we replaced the last piece of legacy and significantly streamlined our IT architecture, but also involved a large organizational change,” said Laura Hauser, CTO, OeKB CSD. “It was great teamwork and an exceptional effort during a challenging time. We are very thankful to our team, our software solution partner, Montran, whose team proved to be reliable, with an outstanding domain expertise in our business and definitely delivered on their promises”. 

Raegan Esca, General Manager at Montran Europe, said, “The versatility of our CSD solution allowed us to provide a robust and efficient Issuer Platform for OeKB CSD. Our CSD features enabled the implementation of a modern application for OeKB CSD to offer its clients end-to-end integration for the Securities Lifecycle Management. The benefits of this new platform will be visible to all the main stakeholders including issuers, service providers, banks, and investors. We are confident this will become a cornerstone for driving innovation and growth in the Austrian Capital Market. We are thrilled to launch the Issuer Platform with our strategic partner, OeKB CSD.  Together we look forward to delivering the future-forward solutions that the OeKB CSD and its clients require.”

About OeKB Group

The companies of OeKB Group with their more than 500 employees provide essential and relevant services for the Austrian export industry, the capital market and the tourism industry, offer services for the energy market and are part of the Austrian development financing. All its activities have a clear economic benefit, strengthen Austria as a business location and support Austria's economy in global competition. OeKB acts in a competitively neutral, cross-sectoral and sustainably responsible manner.

About Montran

Founded in 1979, Montran is the leading provider of Payment and Securities Market Infrastructure solutions and services for many of the world’s foremost financial institutions, enabling them to stay ahead in today’s increasingly challenging financial industry landscape. Having mission to implement critical installations and operations in over 80 countries, Montran is a global leader in the financial technology arena. More information about Montran’s Products and Services can be found at

About OeKB CSD

OeKB CSD Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of OeKB AG, is the Austrian Central Securities Depository, a critical capital market infrastructure provider playing a central role on Austria's capital market. OeKB CSD accepts securities from capital-raising issuers for safekeeping and administration on the investors' behalf, provides securities settlement services and is processing the full range of corporate actions for the assets held in custody.